Shipping your motorcycle can take anywhere from 1 day to 5 weeks. Depending on where your pick up and drop off locations are.
Also the selection of the Transport company you choose is a big factor in how long it takes to transport your motorcycle. Some companies will store your motorcycle in a warehouse until they get a full load going in your direction. These companies usually take 2-5 weeks for pick up and delivery of your motorcycle. This also means your motorcycle is moved around alot more. The more your motorcycle is moved around, greater the chance there is for damage.
Some shipping companies have dedicated routes where they pick up deliver bikes on the same run. Average time is about 2 weeks, but if your timing is right and they have the space on their trailer and they happen to be in the area of your pick up. They could pick up your bike that day and have your motorcycle delivered to you in less than a week. Sometimes just a few days, depends on your location.

You should only use a transport company that specializes in shipping motorcycles. There is a big difference between shipping a car and shipping a motorcycle. You can't trust that a car hauler knows how to tie your bike down. Or if they have the right straps and soft ties to insure your bike doesn't get damaged. I've seen car haulers tie bikes down with chains.
Also make sure the motorcycle shippers you use have MC and D.O.T. numbers. If they don't they are an illegal hauler. Your bike is not insured and can be confiscated by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.)

The cheapest quote you get to ship your motorcycle is not always the best way to go. It cost about $10,000 a year per truck to have Motor Carriers insurance. If a shipper doesn't have the proper insurance it's easier to give a cheap quote. Beware of sites like U-ship that let just any one quote you to ship your motorcycle or car for that matter. There are good shipping companies on U-ship just be cautious and do a little research.

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